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Living in SW Colorado or traveling in our Airstream. Photographing nature along the way. 📷🌲🌄 🔻2018 Favorite Photos: 🔻 Similar users See full size profile picture

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I don’t have a moon photo to share so how about some oak leaves! The eclipse was fun to watch but I didn’t feel compelled to photograph it since I don’t pursue night photography anymore and such a photo would look out of place in my portfolio. A little vignette of oak leaves found on a rainy day is much more my style these days. Still, it is great to see so many people excited about photographing the lunar eclipse and posting their results. 😊 #autumn #colorado #trees #smallscene at Colorado


Autumn Mix: This hillside typically changes in unison. In 2018, the trees instead fell across a continuum from bare to green, with oranges, reds, and yellows in between. #colorado #autumn #nature #fallcolors #trees at Colorado


📷: Aspen Gems. A few years ago, I was wandering around and found a small, hidden pond that is surrounded by the most colorful mix of aspens I have seen in Colorado. A few years ago, the aspens were pink, purple, and blue. This year, they were more typical oranges and yellows with a few reds mixed in for good measure. Here, the colorful leaves have fallen and are floating in the pond at the end of autumn, with some water droplets on top from a recent rain. It is fun to return each year and see how much this little patch of paradise changes. #colorado #autumn #smallscene at Colorado


We have a favorite patch of aspens that always turn fancy colors. Some years they are more purple and pink. This year, the trees were more red and orange as seen here. These dynamic year-to-year changes are one of the many reasons I enjoy going back to the same places over and over again. #colorado #autumn #aspens at Colorado


📷: Autumn Stripes, Colorado. Another photo from my 2018 wrap-up collection (link to full post in my profile). I love photographing water ripples because the scenes change so much with the wind and the seasons. We visit this little pond often since the area offers a multitude of photo opportunities across the seasons (my corn lily photo from a few days ago was taken in the same area but in spring). On this day, the fall colors, light, shadows, and ripples came together to create this little scene. #colorado #autumn #abstract #smallscene at Colorado


Corn Lily Trio. This is another photo from my “2018 photos I like” collection (link to full post in my profile). These corn lily plants are among my favorite to photograph because the curves and swirls in the leaves are so beautiful and visually mesmerizing (the dew drops were a bonus on the day I took this photo). This is a subject frequently referred to as “cliche” and unoriginal by landscape photography eminences. Whatever, I don’t really care. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Why would I pass up photographing one of my favorite plants under pretty perfect conditions because of other people’s opinions? Getting past those voices/opinions and following my own interests was a big step forward for my photography in 2018. #colorado #plants #nature #naturephotography at Colorado


Water Clover. This is another photo from my “2018 photos I like” collection (link to full post in my profile). I found this patch of plants the day before I took this in a lovely riparian area in SW Colorado. I was photographing some of the tiny birch trees in the area when I noticed these plants growing in a wet depression. They were surrounded by colorful iridescent organic oils. It was such a beautiful scene, with the bright green leaves complemented by the colorful film coating the water. The only problem is that I found the scene as the day was ending and 30 second exposures weren’t sharp due to the soggy ground. 😭 I’d come back the next day and try again. Nature had other plans, as a heavy rain washed away the oils overnight and this scene is what was left. While I do indeed like the content of this photo, I also like what it represents. Nature photography is hard and full of frustrations, but also full of magic and delight. I keep coming back to this pursuit because of this mix. And next year, I’ll try this scene again, hoping to find the oils as well next time. #colorado #plants at Colorado


Forest Curls. This is another one of my favorite photos from 2018 (processed in 2018, taken the year before). We were jeeping around SW Colorado with our friends David and Jennifer ( when we came upon a nice set of ponds under some fantastic stormy clouds. I took photos of the grander scene and then noticed all these intricate plants growing under some of the stunted coniferous trees right at treeline. In taking this photo, it felt like I was looking into a hidden magical world at each tree’s base. You can see my full selection of favorite photos through the link in my profile. #colorado #plants at Colorado


I’m a little late to sharing a “2018 favorites” post, primarily because we just left Death Valley National Park after almost three magical weeks in the park. Death Valley is both a literal desert and an internet desert, so I’m just getting around to sharing a small selection of photos that I like from 2018. You can find a link to the full set of photos and a little write-up about the year in my profile. 📷: Birch Medley, Colorado. #colorado #autumn #smallscene #trees at Colorado


After losing momentum with posting photos more regularly, I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things with some more abstracts and patterns found in nature. We found these interesting bubbles and cracks on a lake when hiking around Telluride, Colorado last winter. I love finding these kinds of patterns in winter ice but don’t love the way lakes creak in winter. At least this lake was only a few feet deep so I didn’t have much to actually worry about. ❄️ #Ice #abstract #winter #Colorado #pattern #nature


Desert Puzzle – from a dry lake bed in California. We camped in our #Airstream near this dry lake bed for a few weeks so we spent a lot of time wandering around the area. Although this playa is surrounded by tall, rugged mountains, I mostly focused my camera downward on the glorious mud cracks at my feet. Unlike some playas that are very uniform (like Death Valley’s Racetrack Playa with its endless small, oblong tiles), this playa was full of diversity. The texture of the surface, the patterns in the cracks, and the colors of the mud would change every few hundred feet. This was probably my favorite section since the colors in the mud took on some nice pastel tones at twilight. Also: thanks to @chrishoiberg with @capturelandscapes for interviewing me for his Photographer of the Month feature. We discuss photographing intimate landscapes, black and white photography, ethics and conservation, and inspiration - a wide-ranging conversation with all new photographs included. Link in my bio. #imobsessedwithmud #notembarrassed #california #desert #pattern #abstract at California


Before Daybreak – Death Valley National Park. My next series of photos focuses on patterns and repetition in nature. I find a lot of joy in seeking out these kinds of scenes, which can range from massive in scale like these repeating badlands to tiny in scale like some bubbles I will share in a few days. Photo 1 of 18. #deathvalleynationalpark #nature #naturephotography #abstract #mojavedesert


Sand Swells – Death Valley National Park. This is the last photo in my recent collection of black and white photographs from Death Valley. I don’t particularly like sharing photos on Instagram because I don’t think that most of my photos work very well as THE SINGULAR PHOTO meant to represent a place but instead work better as more curated collections in which each individual photo contributes something to a whole, even if the individual photos are quite simple or plain on their own. So, if you click over to my full feed, you will see these more as I intended them to be seen – together in a way that tells a more in-depth story of a place I love. 💗📷 #deathvalley #deathvalleynationalpark #california #desert #abstract #mojavedesert #blackandwhite #nature at Death Valley National Park


Wind Etchings - Early light illuminates small sand ridges (Death Valley National Park, California). #deathvalley #california #blackandwhite #nature #abstract #pattern #deathvalleynationalpark at Death Valley National Park


Desert Patio. Some more weathered and cracked mud in Death Valley National Park. #deathvalley #deathvalleynationalpark #california #mojavedesert #desert #blackandwhite #nature at Death Valley National Park


Small mud cracks on large mud tiles, created by drying and weathering over time. #deathvalley #deathvalleynationalpark #california #mojavedesert #desert #blackandwhite #nature at Death Valley National Park


Morning Light – Death Valley National Park, California. #deathvalley #deathvalleynationalpark #california #mojavedesert #desert #nature #blackandwhite at Death Valley National Park


Salt Amoebas. These patterns used to be big salt circles. Rain washed away most of the circles, leaving some strange looking patterns behind. Death Valley always offers up nice surprises 😊(although I am a little sad that this particular rainstorm changed this area so much that all my GPS coordinates are now of little use 😥). #deathvalley #deathvalleynationalpark #california #mojavedesert #desert #blackandwhite #nature at Death Valley National Park

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