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Photographer based in London, working everywhere | Kiwi | Rep'd in the USA by Tinker Street* 📩 [email protected]

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Taking a little social media break! Clients and friends, please email, text or call me and I’ll be able to get back to you! 💓


I did not want this weekend to end... the best most magical trip ✨😌 at Durdle Door


Today marks my 41st year around the sun ✨ All the twists and turns of life have led me here, happily spending a wintry weekend around the Dorset coast with the one I love 😌✨ So far, 41 feels great at Dorset


Rugged up and racing to finish taxes and editing but I know where I’d rather be! I’ll be sharing more images from the story @orlakthomas and I created in Porto for @lonelyplanetmag soon... Meanwhile, more coffee... at Porto, Portugal


Weekend canalside wanderings ✨ at Limehouse, Newham, United Kingdom


A room with a view... shot on location in sunny Porto for this month’s @lonelyplanetmag ✨ at Porto, Portugal


Thinking back to hot days, cooling cocktails & pink velvet everything as I sit here under two blankets doing my tax return ✨ Porto, shot for @lonelyplanetmag 💓 at Porto, Portugal


Very here for dramatic restaurant daylight... Porto, Portugal shot for this month’s issue of @lonelyplanetmag at Porto, Portugal


Thrilled to have landed the Subscribers Cover of this month’s @lonelyplanetmag ! (Swipe left to see the final cover) It was such a lovely shoot in Porto, Portugal working alongside @orlakthomas - now that it’s out in the world I’ll be sharing some more images over the next week! ☺️ Thank you as ever to Team LP who are always such a dream to work with ✨ at Porto, Portugal


There’s no better time to post an end of year roundup than on the 3rd of January, right? If you’ve been following me here for a while you’ll know I like to make these a bit different... You’ve seen all the beautiful stuff (that I can show for now - there’s so much yet to be published!) — so here are my favourite behind-the-scenes, mostly iPhone, mostly happy moments-in-between-moments from the past year 😌 I hope you enjoy them and that 2019 brings you all the joy you can handle. And finally - clients, friends and loved ones, thank you for a most wonderful year ❤️


Home is the shape of Ponga fronds against the sky at Mount Maunganui Summit


I’m back home in New Zealand right now, spending time with my family and remembering what it’s like to be in 28° summertime weather... So it’ll be quieter than usual on this feed for a little while whilst I concentrate on being present & spending time with my family ❤️ at New Zealand

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