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Photo by @gord_follett_photography #enjoynewfoundland #canada150 Nothing like a sunrise at Signal Hill. I had the pleasure of this view earlier this summer 😃 Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to . . . . . . . . . .  #newfoundland   #newfoundlandandlabrador   #explorenl   #eastcoast   #eastcoastliving  #explorecanada   #canada   #tourcanada   #709  #canadathenorth   #ohcanada   #cbcnl   #canadagram   #explorenewfoundland  #visitcanada   #unlimitedcanada  #imagesofcanada   #discovercanada  #enjoycanada   #nfld   #coastalliving   #seasideliving   #stayandwander   #beautifuldestinations   #beautifulplaces


Photo by @viktorposnov Curator: @gord_follett_photography #enjoynewfoundland #Canada150 Amazing landscape near St. Alban's Wall over Recontre Bay. What a view 😀 Great shot @viktorposnov at Newfoundland and Labrador


photo by @viktorposnov Curator: @gord_follett_photography Francois Newfoundland on the South Coast is definitely on my bucket list. Fantastic shot by @viktorposnov Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to at Francois, Newfoundland and Labrador


Photo by @lipovtsevaolga #enjoynewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Fantastic shot of Berry Head! Anyone do this trail? This is on my bucket list 😊 Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to at Berry Head, Newfoundland and Labrador


Photo by @vancitymac #enjoynewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Blue skies and sunny days! I'm ready to see this after days of rain. Are you? Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to at Cape Spear National Historic Site St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador


Photo by @joshbinglephotography #enjoynewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Bottle Cove in all it's glory! @joshbinglephotography masterfully captured the beauty and scale of Bottle Cove 😊 Great Shot!! Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to at Bottle Cove


Photo by @karaokeefe #enjoynewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Hope you are enjoying the last long weekend of the summer 😊 Anyone get in some last minute camping? Feel free to tag any camping pics! Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to at Nine Island Pond


Photo by @mixolydian74 #enjoynewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Colourful scene in Bonavista :) Great shot @mixolydian74 Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to at Bonavista, Newfoundland and Labrador


Photo by @sheila_dietrich #enjoynewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Beautiful Durrell's Arm on Twillingate Island! What a view! Great shot @sheila_dietrich Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to at Twillingate, Newfoundland and Labrador


Photo by @bensmithnl #EnjoyNewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Spectacular sunrise /sunset in Spaniard’s Bay! Fantastic reflections @bensmithnl at Spaniards Bay


Photo by @bishfotosafari #enjoynewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Another amazing shot of the coastline in Cape Bonavista! Great sunrise shot @bishfotosafari Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to at Cape Bonavista


Photo by @bekkijw #EnjoyNewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Incredible coastline in Elliston! I keep saying that area has the most interesting coastline in Newfoundland. If you have not been to the Bonavista and Elliston area you're missing out. Awesome shot @bekkijw at Elliston, Newfoundland and Labrador


Photo by @wildgrosmornecom #enjoynewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Check out @wildgrosmornecom 's office! What a way to take in a sunset 😊 Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to at Gros Morne National Park


Photo by @pauldolk #enjoynewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Fantastic capture by @pauldolk What a whale spout. Love the reflection on the water! Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to at Newfoundland and Labrador


Photo by @wellman86 #enjoynewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Leaning house on the Northern Peninsula. I love everything about this photo. The colors, flowers and of course the leaning house all make a fantastic composition. Great shot @wellman86 Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to at Newfoundland and Labrador


Photo by @robinsonmegan #enjoynewfoundland #Canada150 Curator: @gord_follett_photography Colourful sunset in Trinity! Love the colors @robinsonmegan Follow our partners @enjoycanada @enjoyoutdoors @weownthenight_to at Trinity, Newfoundland and Labrador

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