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A story of a dysfunctional family, told in letters... . . Happy #pubday to HOLY LANDS by @amandasthers. In this gorgeous novel, a family—led by a Jewish pig farmer in Israel— keep in touch despite the oceans, and differences, between them. at New York, New York


Look at these stunning UK proofs for @elizabeth_gilbert_writer’s CITY OF GIRLS 😍 The blazingly brilliant new novel from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the international bestseller ‘Eat Pray Love’: a glittering coming-of-age epic stitched across the fabric of a lost New York… Publishing June 2019 #cityofgirls #elizabethgilbert #lizgilbert #eatpraylove #newbookalert at Bloomsbury Publishing UK


Look at what arrived in the Sydney office! Some exciting new releases we can't WAIT to hit shelves 📚 . DARK BLADE by Steve Feasey: UK - 11 July 2019 US - 10 Sep 2019 ANZ - 5 Aug 2019 . YOU'RE CRUSHING IT by Lex Croucher: UK - 13 Jun 2019 US - 13 Jun 2019 ANZ - 13 Jun 2019 . WE ARE BLOOD AND THUNDER by Kesia Lupo: UK - 4 Apr 2019 US - 3 Mar 2020 ANZ - 6 May 2019 . ALL THE INVISIBLE THINGS by Orlagh Collins: UK - 7 Mar 2019 US - 21 Apr 2020 ANZ - 1 Apr 2019


Let’s all take a moment to admire this AMAZING and MAGICAL masterpiece ✨ #Repost @james_trevino ・・・ What would be your favorite thing about going to Hogwarts? ⚡ #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #harrypotter #fantasticbeasts #hogwarts #bloomsbury #hogwartsexpress


We love that some of the team at Bloomsbury have their own Bookstagram accounts and take photos of our books like these 📷😍 Follow @msbookdragon @emilys_library @littlebookowl at Bloomsbury Publishing UK


Where is everyone escaping to this weekend? 🏰 ✨ A CURSE SO DARK AND LONELY by Brigid Kemmerer is "everything you'd want in a retelling of a classic fairy tale," says Jodi Picoult, NYT bestselling author of A Spark of Light and Small Great Things Coming January 29 (Feb 4 in AUZ/NZ) -- preorder to get bonus content you're going to want! #acursesodarkandlonely at Walt Disney World


Preorder WATCH US RISE by @harlemportland and Ellen Hagan and submit your receipt to receive an awesome poetry poster! Details here: #watchusrise at New York, New York


“This novel will grab you first by the ears, and then by the hand, and then by the heart.” – Rebecca Makkai IN WEST MILLS by De’Shawn Charles Winslow is a big-hearted small-town story about a woman living by her own rules. Azalea "Knot" Centre is determined to live life as she pleases. Let the people of West Mills say what they will; the neighbors' gossip won't keep Knot from what she loves best: cheap moonshine, nineteenth-century literature, and the company of men. And yet, Knot is starting to learn that her freedom comes at a high price. Out in the US in June! at New York, New York


🍑 'Ferocious, startling, all-consuming' Daisy Johnson 〰️ 🍑 Peach is a teenage girl like any other. She has college, and her friends, and her parents and the new baby, and her gorgeous boyfriend Green. She has her friend Sandy, and Sid the cat, and homework to do. 〰️ 🍑 But something has happened – something unspeakable – and her world has become unfamiliar, fractured into strange textures and patterns. Reeling through her refracted universe, Peach knows that the people she loves are in danger, real danger. If she is not to be swallowed whole, Peach must summon all her courage and dig deep into something nameless and strange that lies within her. at Bloomsbury Publishing UK


It’s day two of LOLA DUTCH WHEN I GROW UP being on sale and we are still so excited for more Lola! #Repost @sarahjanestudios ・・・ HAPPY LOLA DUTCH LAUNCH DAY! Well, we are full of all the feelings and as you can imagine! It’s been a big day already! We hope you enjoy every page, every moment with your little one reading and making together! And of course... we had to throw in another creative surprise on the back of the jacket! Here’s the big reveal! #loladutch (click on links in my profile for all purchasing options) at New York, New York


Lola Dutch, you're too much 💚 Like many kids, Lola can't sit still--especially when there's so much to do! This book is all about the importance of play, and it includes paper dolls + a stage poster, so the fun can continue after the story ends! #loladutch #importanceofplay #raisingreaders #picturebook #loladutchwhenigrowup #picturebooks #kidsbooks #playtime #storytime 📷 @littlebeelearningstudio


💮 From the bestselling French novelist Delphine de Vigan… ➖ 💮 Thirteen-year-old Théo and his friend Mathis secretly drink on an almost daily basis. ➖ 💮 Their teacher, Hélène, suspects something is not right with Théo and becomes obsessed with rescuing him, casting aside her professionalism to the point of no return. Cécile, mother of Mathis, discovers something horrifying on her husband's computer that makes her question whether she has ever truly known him. ➖ 💮 Respectable facades are peeled away as the four stories wind tighter and tighter together, pulling into a lean and darkly gripping novel of loneliness, lies and loyalties. at Bloomsbury Publishing UK

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